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Monday, November 06, 2006

Halloween leftovers

Here are more Halloween pictures. Pic 1----my neice S. She also went with two costumes this season, like B did. Ballet at a party one night . . .

And a lioness for Halloween proper.

My nephew is also dressed for halloween in a pirate costume---Arrrr! Pirates are held near and dear in my sister's and my heart because of our high school mascot. Why hide your eyes, E? This is year two for pirate costumes over there, with a pirate birthday party in between.

No costume parade is complete without dogs in costume. So here is the beloved Max, all the way from my aunt's house in Memphis. They are amazed he hasn't bitten anyone or maybe used "dark side" Sith powers to get the costume off of him. May the force be with Max!

I enjoyed this blog about possibly the last Halloween for a almost teen boy. I know I am almost there. And this one struck my fancy this week, too---scroll down to November 2nd (because I do not know hown to link to the one post). Can you tell the difference between rock band names and prescription drug names? I sure didn't do well! And I have to link you to this blog about free hugs. It was inspiring in a way, although "physical touch" isn't my favorite way of showing love!

I was up at 2:02 am (dogs), 2:30 am (dogs), 3:30 am (dogs), 4:00 am (Larry taking a friend to the airport), 5:00am (Larry getting back), and 6:30am (time to get the kids out the door). Needless to say, I am tired today. But being a morning person, I am go-go-go this morning, and I will crash this afternoon. I have children big enough that I can even nap while theya re in the house (watching TV and eating their Halloween candy unsupervised). Fortunately, they love to get each other in trouble, so B will tattle everything to me about how much candy J ate while I was asleep. Or maybe I'll instead just go to sleep tonight about 8:00! Very possible I will fall asleep before the kids.

I am keeping up with my Bible study---about 4 times a week, it seems. The goal is to get to doing it daily, but I am sitting here reading blogs and writing blogs too much!!


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