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Monday, October 16, 2006

points I'm pondering

Brief notes on my Random Thoughts:

  • My uncle is still in the hospital and Mom is back in Texas (I think---I talked to her in while she sat in the Memphis airport yesterday!) There is a big possibility that his kidney, the only working one he has, the one which is 57 years old and actually was my Mom's kidney, might fail. If you're a praying type, pray for my Uncle John.
  • It's raining here. A lot! My backyard is a swamp, which I haven't seen in a while. Like in a few years. I know why the previous homeowners built a deck right off the back door. We had that 2-4 inches last week, and now we have this today. It's "training" over our area today. I really love it. I'm an indoors girl. I'm happy here inside typing away! But man, do I really want to go take a nap instead of do laundry and dishes and the other tasks I have before me.
  • I got to look through the book of Try-It patches for B's Brownie Scout activities. I thought I'd teach one of them to the girls in the spring. (Her troop leader is expecting in March!) I got all the patches on her vest and I think it looks so cool! These are all from last year, I think. She is excited about working on her religious medal. She did two activities yesterday, and she is very thoughtful in thinking about these special scriptures. We went over "The Golden Rule" yesterday, and she and her daddy went over Matthew 10:42---doing the small things will be rewarded. That one she had to draw a picture with it also. Oh! I guess it was 3 things, because we also did John 3:16 and she had that one memorized already. All 3 of those things she had to "discuss with her parent/guardian." Saturday she did a cool name plaque after reading about Jabez in I Chronicles 4:9-10.
  • Today is my Half Birthday! I will be cooking chicken soft tacos for tonight's dinner. In the crock pot are some chicken breasts for the filling. Easy and yummy, and there will be leftovers for lunches and such this week. Tomorrow I will be closer to 36 than 35. J's birthday will be at the end of the month.
  • I just heard on the TV that in a study in England, the kids with the biggest heads at one year old had the best IQs later in life.


  • happy half birthday! yikes, what i hate to think about is that i´m waaaay closer to 40 than i am to 20 or even to 25. or really, 30. ok, i just completely depressed myself.

    so when i was born i had a pretty big head, but it was square. i was a blockhead. maybe the shape negates the size.

    By Blogger janet, at Monday, October 16, 2006 2:08:00 PM  

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