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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Uncles and books

I thought I 'd give an update about my Uncle John in Memphis. They found bleeding in him, an aneurism, in his area where he has my Mom's kidney. Mom said if they were going to do surgery, she'd fly to Memphis. So she did on Monday night. He is still in the hospital, and his bleeding stopped by itself. They are not choosing to do surgery on him right now, but they may have to go in (surgery) and look around to see what is happening. But Mom is going to have to leave on Sunday no matter what. He doesn't have a wife or kids to look after him, so Mom was feeling like the big sister she is, going there to watch over him!

My What do You See book is almost finished! I am planning on laminating it tomorrow at school. I should have scanned it in before I took it up there. I read it to the class, and they really liked it. I think it's something we can all be proud of. Penny told me I could teach a class on making that book. She's right! It's very formulaic, and it would be easy to duplicate and easy for me to explain.


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