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Friday, September 29, 2006

TV, life this week, happiness

Susan and Mark! Oh, the friendship, the lost chance at love! Okay, I am watching an old episode of E.R., and Mark is alive and he has a brain tumor, and Susan is moving back to Chicago. I loved those two characters. (Rememeber when Mark chased after her train when she left Chicago?) I have said recently that E.R. has not been the same since Mark died. I thought it was over then. And I thought it was over when Carter was off the show. But I still watch. I don't know why! It's part of my Thursday evening treats.

This Lady (who I do not know at all) gives a good synopsis and commentary on Survivor last night (my other must-see-TV-show on Thursday nights). I too, am planning on what bathing suit I would wear for the 39 days----it would be an important decision. Something supportive, sturdy, dark colored (hello---I am going to be in the water a lot of the time), and maybe adjustable---who knows how I would lose weight out there for that long. I might end up looking very matronly with all those requirements, so I would need to try to find something cute!

For months, I have been checking out this blog I happened upon accidentally. This person (who I do know) also admits to enjoying the new shows this season. I am feeling what she is, that there is simply too much TV to get in lately. And why should I waste so much time on TV? I have to multitask or I feel guilty.

But enough with the TV show run-down!

Life this week was busy. Along with our regular school and work, our evenings were busy with a school GT Parents meeting, a Pizza night for the other school, a district-wide GT social, Wednesday night church, and tonight---finally nothing. (But we don't need to go to bed early tonight, since tomorrow's Saturday!) B started her Girl Scout religious medal (reading and praying every day), and got through her homework the with the fewest "issues" this year. I think she finally has the confidence she needed to just do her Spanish writing this week. Something clicked, and she realized she can do it, just like I said! J has had little homework this year (thank you!), and what he had this week was Math he really understood, so it was fast. This morning was his awards assembly, and Larry went. I think he is on the A-B honor roll---no report cards from the 1st six weeks until today. Lar will work another game tomorrow, and B has a Girl Scout museum tour. I am sure J and I will enjoy the day to goof around like we want to!

I am just happy this morning, alone at home. Happy! I am getting some chores done, and I am slowing down. Whew! I am maybe going ot ge tthe scrapbooking stuff out tonight----creating things makes me happy!

I added some stuff to my sidebar (more happiness!). I have loved looking at my friends' maps, seeing where their visitors are looking from. So I got one of my own, of course. I added to the bottom of my blogroll two blogs I have been perusing for a month or so. They are both fun and interesting. J has a couple more blogs he has created---Star Trek and Blue Canary. Please visit him as well---and try to get over his creative spelling. :-) He has priorities, and spelling things correctly isn't up there so much.

For the Lord your God is a merciful God . . . Deuteronomy 4:31


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