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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Party like it's 1998

Well, my title is corny, but that was the year B was born. We had her first party in 1999, and I have the cutest pictures. We made a big bunny cake and had a tiny cake for B and more little cakes for the other kids to decorate. We had Teletubby napkins. I wouldn't remember all this, but I remember the album pages I made for the event.

But enough reminiscing. On to the daily life of us.
We had about 10 of B's friends come to her party. But there were about 30 people there, counting the parents and siblings. And when we got the pinata on the tree, the neighborhood kids came flocking! That park is very busy on Friday evenings. But one set of kids that came by we knew---The oldest boy was in J's cub scout troop 2 years ago. They had moved back into town and now lived in our neighborhood. That was a good thing!

We sent invitations to B's whole class, so it could have been a lot bigger party. It was pretty good the size it was. The girls were really wound up, I thought. They were screaming at each other, B included, not for bad things, but just to talk to each other. I don't understand it! Six of the kids came from school (all English speakers, as usual), two from softball and live in our neighborhood, and two others we've grown up with through church connections and Sonshine School.

I followed the itenerary I laid forth in the previous post. Playing, pizza, playing, cake and popcicles, pinata, presents. I should have known the pinata would take a really long time. Should have started it a bit earlier. B got to be the first one to hit it, and the last. It was getting dark when we started going on the pinata, but this picture really looks darker than it was. That's the birthday girl hitting first.

The candles wouldn't light because of the wind. The tablecloth idea was scrapped because of the wind. The plates blew away because of the wind, along with half full cups of soda, Cheetos, and trash. At one point some boxes of pizza became airborn (wasted a pizza! I am sad). It was quite bothersome, but as my Mom pointed out, the bugs wouldn't be a problem because of the wind. I had the Off spray ready, but it wasn't needed. The wind made the heat pretty bearable, too. The temps were in the 90s, so I was glad for the wind.

My favorite moments from the day:

when the girls would run up to each other when they arrived to give each other hugs

seeing two of B's boy friends who didn't know each other get along really well

singing the birthday song

having enough pizza for everyone

the glee at opening presents----glee from all the kids, not just B

popcicles---I love them all the time

seeing a train of kids going down the slide

enjoying the company of my adult friends

the excitment of all those around waiting for the pinata to pop open

B having to bash in the pinata at the end just to get it open

driving away from the park when it was over

Not that I was just glad to have it done! I was happy that we had a party like B wanted, and I could give it to her. And that she had friends who like her enough to come and enjoy her and have some fun, too. Check out the other pictures I put on my Flickr account in my sidebar to the right.


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