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Monday, September 18, 2006

Fall, is it you?

I'm whispering this comment: It feels like fall today! (I don't want to jinx the feeling away!)

We had a good soaking rain last night. Thunder and lightning, water pouring off the roof right by our bedroom window. The ground is soaked now that the rain has stopped, yahoo! The air is humid (but it always is here), but oh, so cool. Cool! It's 1:00 and it's only 70 degrees!

I put some potatoes in the crock pot for some soup. I haven't made soup in a long time. We'll come home after a busy evening to some soup. Tonight is B's Open House, and J has his Troupe meeting. It's a complicated schedule to get everyone where they need to go tonight.

Last night we had a friend spend the night with B. I know it's a school night, but her parents were out of town, and needed a way to get her to school. It was a fun treat. They slept in B's room on an air mattress together. I was worried they would get scared of all the lightning, but whatever happened, they made it through the night. They were so cute together.

This weekend is B's birthday party, so there are many preparations to do for that. We decided to do a big party at the park. She wanted a pinata, so we just still need to buy candy. We found the perfect one---in the shape of a purse. I don't like the ones shaped like characters! I don't like the idea of beating up Barbie or Barney with a big stick. Beating a pink purse is much better in my opinion! We made our own invitations, we're going to order pizza, we bought a kit for making crowns for everyone, we'll play on the playground---I think it'll be a simple party to do. I should have whispered that so I wouldn't jinx myself again!


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