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Monday, October 02, 2006

Things to do Tonight

I can blog while dinner is in the oven. It's Meat Rolls, a family favorite. They always fool people if I take them to a potluck---they look like cinnamon rolls, but inside is a meatloaf filling (minus breadcrumbs). I am starting to smell them, so I ought to finish this quickly . . .

Okay, the Aggies lost. Big Bummer. I was really disappointed right after the game, but the awful, terrible feeling has simmered down to just dissapointment. Larry said they (the ushers) had authority to kick anyone out of the game that threw a tortilla. (but it never came to that.) I guess I ought to be happy that I got to live through "the glory days" of the Aggie football team when I had an All-Sports pass. (Thank you, Mom and Dad!) I got to go to games and expect a win. Those feelings are just not with us any longer. But, being the hopeful type, I think the tide will turn once again, someday, and we will be back at the top of the rankings. Someday.

Tonight's activities are to take J to his TROUPE practice, buy some dog food, make B read her Bible (for her Girl Scout medal), and make the kids take baths.

Please, Lord take away my perfectionist qualities with shower and/or teethbrushing monitoring with J! I so want to go in that bathroom and wash his hair and underarms for him. To get it done right. So NOT what a ten-year-old boy needs! But he does need to wash the "product" out of his hair, am I right? Ug. When will he learn? Will it take him getting really into girls before this happens? (And I am not ready for that yet, although it's slowly coming on, I can see . . .)

I am too much a persfectionist with these children. I am way too critical. I am sure this is partly why J is so critical---I am messing him up! "Children who live with criticism learn to be critical," isn't that part of a poem I saw on e-mail? I gotta stop it. (But I go crazy looking at his teeth when they are so dirty!) Help!

The Meat Rolls are out of the oven, so I must sign off. Maybe I'll take a picture and post a recipe for them?

Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of your name lead and guide me. Psalm 31:3


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