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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Exciting news!

Quick notes about us:
  • Today, CNN is going to be filming at both of my kids' schools, and also one other elem. in our town that is doing a Dual Language program. From the note home yesterday, CNN is doing a story about biligualism. I have no info about when they might be on, but look for them! Let me know if you see anything about it where you are.
  • We were without power at our house for 5 hours last night. From 5:30 in the eve. until about 10:20. Our whole family was at Mr. Gatti's when the power started going on and off. We got in right before it happened, so we ate the pizza they had there, and when power totally went off, we had to leave. And I was a bit scared about driving home since all the traffic lights in town were crazy. Some worked and some were going on and off. I saw the results of two wrecks on the way home! So where were you when the lights went off?
  • Both kids got report cards, and they were both good. B is getting number grades for the first time---and her lowest was a 95. Smart Girl! J has all his Spanish grades factored in, and he made the A-B honor roll. He is really interested in Science right now, and I'm impressed with the things he's able to remember and quiz me about!
  • I worked by candlelight last night on our class book, What do you See? which is a takeoff on Eric Carle's Brown Bear Brown Bear book. I am going to have to scan them in and show you how cool it is!
  • Off to work!


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