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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Here's a few shots of what we've been up to this week.

At school it was "Red Ribbon Week." This is the "Just say NO" week---a week against drugs. On Monday I walked around B's school as we chanted anti-drug type stuff. It was wear red day, and it was pretty fun.

Tuesday was the 50th day of school and hence, 50s Day. Yahoo! I made this skirt for B when she was in Kindergarten, so this is the 3rd year on it. I think we have at least two more years she can wear it.

J's school had Red Ribbon Week, too, but none of the special things except wear red on Friday. This wouldn't be a big deal if they didn't wear uniforms all the time otherwise.

I think my kids have gotten the "Don't Do Drugs" message, here at home and at school. Of course, because of certain influences, J is always saying stuff like, "Somebody's on crack!" if someone says something dumb or just weird. Maybe it shouldn't be a joke, drug use, that is, but here we are. Junior High is next, and I know the humor is going downhill in a hurry.

Today was our SUPER Busy Day. Two days to J's birthday. Three to Halloween. So of course, all the fun activities of the month have to fall upon this weekend. I have probably let B do too much for her 8 year-old body!

The Girl Scout Renaissance Faire was today from 9 to 3. It was a lot of fun. I stayed on as a chaperone. The weather couldn't have been more great. The first thing the girls did was make wedding cakes. Did you know that in the times of the Renaissance, if you were invited to a wedding, you brought your own little cake? Then the cakes would all be piled up together, and the bride and groom would try to kiss over the cakes for good luck.

They had tons of crafts to make today. The decorated their own Coat of Arms. B drew a snake on hers, with a snake symbolizing "wisdom" and blue colors representing loyalty and truth. They decorated goblets with jewels. They made masks with feathers and more "jewels" and glitter (girls and glitter---always a winning combination). They made sparkly headbands and leather amulets (B's was a turtle).

Some time before lunch, B turned her ankle while we walked on a road. I wasn't sure what to make of it, But Lis, our leader, picked her up and got an Ace bandage and ice for her. She seems to be fine now, and probably she is doing well since we took care of it like we did. Here's a picture of one of the "knights" who payed her some attention with her foot wrapped.

At lunch we picnicked and it was just beautiful. Lis brought a fun game they played long ago. B and her friend from school, M, are playing it. You toss the ring back and forth with the two sticks.

The girls had a lot of activities, too. They shot a catapult, bowled with pumpkins, juggled, had their faces painted, and cooked bread over a campfire. But their favorite thing to do was the stilts. B had already hurt her ankle, and she was VERY disappointed that she didn't get to do this activity.

We came home and had to nap after this day! That really was probably quite enough fun for one day. The next thing was a Halloween party in the evening, and now B is at a lock-in with her daddy and J.

J had a show last night and tonight; he was "the moon" as in hey Diddle Diddle", and Jack---as in Horner, Sprat, . . . and Jill, and . . . and the Beanstalk. It was a monlogue, and was very funny. He is good at what he does! After the show, the lock-in began.

The party was an invite from one of her friends from school, one of the girls we went to the Renaissance Faire with! I am sure she was super tired, too!! They have 4 kids, and they invite just Everyone to this party, which they've hosted for many years now. It's a fun time. I love all the dress up and the talking with the other parents and teachers who come.

Life is good! I'm tired now, and have already set my clocks back! :-)


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