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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Locomotives on Parade #29

We have noticed the trains back around town. The auction was in September, complete with a concert by Clint Black. The newspaper says that there was a bunch of money raised for future art exhibits for the George Bush Presidential Library. This one was one we never saw, so since we saw it now, we had to get the picture!! I think we were up to 25.

This train was sponsored by the Astin Mansion,
called the Astin Mansion Express. It was in downtown Bryan orginally, somewhere I could never find. Now it is at the west end of Sue Haswell Park. The artist was Allison Randleman. The train looked like it was made of pieces of marble.

I was hoping there would be a big rundown of the prices of the trains, and where they were ending up. I don't know which ones are now "public art" and are staying around or anything. I guess there is someone who I could call at the museum!

Saturday I am going to pick up the Angelfood box again. I got the special box of "surf and turf"---steak and breaded shrimp. I thought of J, and maybe it'll be his special birthday dinner.

I took B to her Brownies meeting today. The troop officially began working on their religious medals. B is the only one not a Catholic, so our program has different things to do. Today's first activity, though, fit right in with one of B's----to talk about the gifts God has given you, and then discuss how you can use these gifts to glorify God. The Catholic girls also had to tell one thing they wanted to get better at, and write down steps towards being better. Like better at not hitting my brother? Like better about cleaning up my room? We had a song and B and I read some scripture passages their books suggested. we read about Jesus being at the temple as a young boy, teaching the teachers there. And B read about the body being many parts, but each part is important. The leader talked to them about how they will grow up and fulfill their part in the body of Christ. To the left is her vest. I kept trying to get it to post with yesterday's post, but it wouldn't. Sigh.


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