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Monday, November 13, 2006

Our Weekend

We once again had a full weekend. Both kids had Scout fundraiser food products pick-up! J was getting his Boy Scout Popcorn, B was getting her Girl Scout cans of nuts. J is almost done delivering, which is great! Yea! There's a problem delivering B's though---we lost her order form sheet, so I ordered more than I think she ordered, and are having to go back and guess and ask again, and whatever leftovers we have---Merry Christmas! For us I ordered one of each thing. The only real snag is the neighborhood sales---Lar took her around, and I have no idea who bought and who didn't. We didn't take up much money ahead of time, and the money isn't lost! So if you want some nuts from our Girl Scout, they are just $5 a can . . .

Saturday was also Lar's last workday at Kyle Field for the season. I think he has enjoyed his "free ride" into Kyle Field. His supervisor told him he was standing in the most difficult to manage spot---right on the track, at the corner where the visiting band sits and the visiting team comes into the field. I think we saw him on tv for an instant this week, during a touchdown by our quarterback. His supervisor also said he can have that spot to work for as long as he wants it. I think at this point, Lar would say he'd do it again. Payday will be December 8th . . . we're waiting!

With all the activities Saturday morning, I had to meet J and Lar in the parking lot where Lar parks for the shuttle to Kyle. It's a lot near the Geo. Bush Library. J hopped into my car, and Lar walked to the shuttle stop about 11:15 (the game was at 2:30---the ushers have to be there 2 and a half hours before the game---it's early!). As we came in front of the library, J and I saw a l--o--n--g limo parked out front. A Suburban limo. I told J, "Hey! I bet the former president is coming to the game or something." And as we got closer, I realized he was standing right there on the sidewalk! J is impressed and so am I that we were so close to famousness.

Speaking of that, my Mom was in Chicago and was in the hotel with Barak Obama and Mayor Dayley coming to a fancy dinner or something. Mom was not there for the dinner, but was in town for a Heart Association conference. (I hope I am getting that right.) There! A report about a Republican sighting and a Democrat sighting as well. Balanced---that's what strive to be.

B also had two fun events this weekend. Saturday morning B got to visit the local Animal Shelter with her Brownie troop. She was working on a "Sharing and Caring" patch, and part of it was donating some supplies to the shelter. They got to pet some cats and dogs, and there were even rats there! B said they let the rats climb on their shoulders! Yikes! I only got to see the cats and then the end picnic they had at the school where they meet. The other part of her morning was planting flowers at the school, but she got stung by a bee and didn't plant! She was fine when I picked her up.

Sunday afternoon, B had a "girls-only" party to go to. No 2nd-grade boy would ever even want to be in the room with ths party going on, I would guess! B was invited to go to My Party Palace. It is near Barnes and Noble, for my local readers! I had never been there, but it is a party room decorated for girls, with all the dress-up clothes, jewelry and music they like. They got to wear makeup, fingernail polish, and at the end, got to take home their own "Diva Dust." The part I liked the best was the girls' fashion show. Each one got to walk on the catwalk and strike a pose as the lady running the show read off their names, favorite foods, ages and where they like to shop. It was cute. And me without a camera!! Ug! B chose a little white gown that looked like a mini-bride's dress. I'd like to know how expensive that party was, before she gets too big for something like that . . .

Now we're off to the races again----J has a TROUPE class tonight.


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