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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Friday Happenings

Yesterday was such a busy day! My major stressor was my test for the CDA---Child Development Associate. I wasn't actually worried about the written test or even the oral part---I was just worried all my details in my Resource File or on all my applications or my parent questionaires would somehow be messed up and I'd have to do the whole process over again. But it seems like everything was in order. I took this picture so you can see how thick this "Resource File" is that I compiled. It was work!

The written part was just what I expected: multiple choice questions with mostly obvious answers. There were 60 questions covering infants to 5 years old. My specialty is the 3-5 year old range, so my oral test was about kids in that age range. This part was easier than I thought. The test administrator showed me 10 pictures and read the scenario to me. For example, a teacher is outside with 5 kids. One child (recently potty trained) asks to go inside to go potty. The teacher takes the child inside. Duh! You can't leave the other 4 outside. Or the one that made me wonder if I was saying the right thing was this: Two kids have been fighting all day about who got things first (a chair, a toy, etc.). What do you do? I think I said the right thing---try to find multiples, maybe, to avoid conflicts, or shadow those girls so that you can help the one who's coming up second not take something from the first one. Maybe "redirect" the second one into some other activity. That was a pretty realistic scenario!

My director and assistant director were taking the tests with me. We were checking and double checking our big resource files for each other, the "Statements of Competency" we had to write about everything from how we treat families in our center to how our room is set up. We stayed up late on night in August before our applications were turned in. It's been a long process.

Now, what does this mean? I could take this CDA and teach in a Pre-K program, or any kind of child care center anywhere. Some centers are requiring this for all their lead teachers. I will get a raise at my workplace. I will find out officially probably in January what all my results really are.

Larry is in a Brazos Valley TROUPE show this weekend. No, not my J! It's a show with skits from
The Carol Burnett Show. I kept thingking to my self that I would like to see the skits as the Carol Burnett crew put them on. I couldn't remember which parts were played by which actors, and who knows if I had seen those episodes, anyway. I don't remember when I watched those, because I am sure I saw some in the 80s re-running somewhere. But out TROUPErs were very good, and funny in their own rights! Larry is a doctor in two scenes in the first act, and a funny theater director in "As the Stomach Turns." There are two more shows, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

I enjoyed Survivor this week----and so did this blogger. She just notices things that I do, too. I am not too disappointed Jonathan left, but I did not hate him with the fervor the younger tribemates had for him. So he flip-flopped! His first flip was too impulsive, and a mistake anyway! And you do what you need to do to stay in. This year, I still have two favorites. Surprising, since some years I can't stand anyone in the end. I like Yul and Ozzie.

The Amazing Race is down to the last three teams and the last episode on Sunday night. I am rooting for the two moms from Alabama. I just can't resist an underdog situation! They are probably most like me, too. I am glad they made it to the end!

Ah, TV what would I be doing without you?

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