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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Summer is Ending

Seems like once I let go of the computer in the mornings, I can't get it back (from the other 3 people in the house that want an opportunity to play) without feeling bad. I could sit here all day. And my living room looks like I sit here all day instead of cleaning! This morning, once I get up from here and get going, I will be barking out orders---Clean up your toys!------Bring your dirty clothes to the washer!----Unload the Dishwasher!-------No Kool-aid for Breakfast!-----Pick up the Legos!-------Tote that Barge!-----Lift that Bale!

Tonight is the Meet the Teacher Night at both Jones and Milam. I am totaly excited. I love the beginning of school. (I love setting up my own pre-school classroom, too, but that will come a few weeks later.) I love all the new notebooks, the freshly decorated classrooms, the new school clothes, the hopeful and excited feeling I get. I have hope for this new year. I am prayerfully keeping a positive attitude. HeeHee! I am giddy with expectations. Great Expectations.

Larry and I will have to split up the parenting duties tonight as Milam and Jones' MtT nights are totally overlapping. I so so so so wish that the kids were on the same campus. But we're dealing with What Is. Anyway, I think I'll be at Milam with Bess. And this year is a mystery! I don't know who the teachers are! It's a first for us since we got into this Dual Language program. I heard at the beginning of the summer one thing, and since then heard another. So I have been just waiting for tonight to find out for sure.

Tonight's MtT night will be capped off by a Hamburger Bash at the park across the street. Free dinner for all who come. I don't know that you'll get a lot of time talking to the teachers and getting to assess them, BUT you can interact with parents and catch up a lot there.

I am excited about two other things tonight, too. We have been forming a Gifted and Talented Parents Group this summer, and I have flyers to pass out to anyone who wants to join. We plan to have a GT Social in Sept. (Wait---GT kids, not that the Parents have to be GT also, heehee!)

The other thing is our Moms in Touch Group----an hour of prayer for our kids and our kids' schools. Moms in Touch International is an official group (I didn't make it up!), and two other moms met with me last year to pray every Monday at 8:00 a.m. We already have recruited another Mom who will host the prayer time at her house, closer to Milam, and this will relieve me of that duty. The way it works is, one Mom opens her home, and someone prepares the blank forms with the theme scriptures of the week. Like one week might be "God is my Friend." There is a pattern we folllow and it's open to everyone from any denomination. First you pray praise for God---this week that He can be a friend. Only praise, give everyone who wants a chance a turn. Then it's thanksgiving for what's happened in the week, only thanks. Then we pray for our kids. One kid per family to keep it within the hour! One mom will pray for her child, then the other moms will pray for her child. And it goes around the circle. Then we pray for the school---focusing on one teacher or administrator, and then we pray for Moms in Touch. It's simple, and with three praying Moms, we got done in about 45 minutes. I am looking forward to getting back into this routine! I have missed it this summer. Ask me about it if you think you could start one for your kids' school.

Things I will miss about the summer:
* Later nights
* Later arising times
* freedom to make my own schedule
* colorful clothing on the kids (remember the uniforms?)
* swimming at the pool
* actually, it's the talking at the pool with Christine (most every time) and Penny, Connie, Kelly and Mindy
* our train project---it's been fun!
* my developing tan lines (pink as I am)
* flip flops and sandals
* being at home when the mail comes
* all the camps we had fun at
* the freedome to leave town in the middle of the week

Freedom! Freedom! You're running away from me! see ya next May!


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