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Saturday, July 22, 2006

here, there and everywhere

I might have a really long and crazy rambling chain of thoughts here. I am up and my hubby isn't home, and we are all going in crazy directions tomorrow. So my brain is working overtime trying to remember everything we need to do tomorrow morning to get where we all need to be on time. And in an effort to pass the time without worry, I decided to blog. I think I'll get it all out of my system before bedtime so then I can sleep. My background soundtrack is The Brady Bunch. This is perfect. This is even the first episode where they get married! The perfect non-scary choice for my overworked brain. No stress of shootings or autopsies (oh, spelling after ten!) or mysteries to figure out. No history channel with countdown to armageddon. No baseball either, which does put me to sleep sometimes. That would be Larry's choice. Big Sigh.

Larry and I had our anniversary this week. It has been a big 15 years since we were married. That is the Crystal or China anniversary (depending on your list). We didn't exchange gifts, but we went out to eat at Johnny Carino's and then saw Pirates of the Carribean. A fun film! I wanted to go on a weekend trip sometime, but it just couldn't work out this month.

Ahhhh, Mr. Brady just got the cake all over his face! "A nice, quiet wedding!"

I have been watching my counter every day, and I even have a place where I can see what page referred me to that visitor. It was very interesting the other day when I got a hit from someone who searched for "Krystal burgers" and got a link to my blog way back (June!) about our trip to Memphis. Now I might get hits from people seraching for Brady Bunch or Johnny Carino's. We'll see!

The family is going to Church Camp without me. BooHoo! I will definitely be "out" of the loop when we all meet up again. I know and remember the feeling of comraderie we all had when we got back from camp. We'd endured the same hardships (bad food, snakes in the cabin, hot sports, etc.), and we'd had the same fun. We had all just been without TV or radio for a week, and had rediscovered the pleasures of just being with people and conversing. So I Know I will be missing something good.

But! I am excited about my own adventure to the beach! With other women! No kids! Of course this is not the main reason we are going. We will be training for our new school year---early childhood training, info about autism, info about using music and movement in our classrooms. That I am also looking forward to. Really! But I haven't been that far south in a long time. And it feel so different there, with palm trees and sand and bathing suits. And the fun part of training in years past has always been the fun times we have in our hotel getting to know each other. WooHoo! There's more of that comraderie I was talking about.

I hope I made the right choice about letting Bess go early. She's two years early, and she's only going because of my going on this training trip. I am worrying about her, but probably too much. Or about the wrong things! I don't even know what wil bother her-----sharing a bathroom with a bunch of girls? the food that is not to her specific tastes? the girls who won't be her friend? (that one probably won't even be close to coming true.) will she be bothered that I'm away? I hope so a bit, but not too much!!

I already mailed each of them (even Larry) two letters. It was hard to figure out what to write since I haven't even left home. And the kids were fighting with each other and me while I was trying to write! Ha! They didn't even know I was writing and mailing those letters right under their noses. heehee!

I have read some really interesting blogs lately, and I hope I can figure out how to link to them inside the blog.

Do you know we start school in like 3 weeks? I can't believe the summer is so close to being over.

Next blog----Thursday night? I might get to it by then with pictures of South Padre Island!


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