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Sunday, July 09, 2006


I don't have a special food-related name for this entry about Sabrina. After "Ginger" and "Coconuts," I tried to think of something witty, but didn't. But I have pictures of Sabrina eating food! Here she is eating her first birthday cake. Yummy! It was also a birthday cake for Rachel, and as tradition dictates, it must be a cat cake.

Last year for the 4th, Larry and I and the kids went to Mom and Dad's for the "Hometown Celebration" in Granbury. But guess who decided to be born a few weeks early? Sabrina! Her birthday is the 3rd. Mom and Dad left us there at their house when they went up to OK to be with Rachel and family. We stayed in Granbury for the parade and then went home.

This year's party was on the 2nd, and included all her cousins---my two, Jamie and Bess, and Mitchell's one, Kaitlyn. Jamie and Kaitlyn are only 6 days apart in age. I am including a picture Rachel posted of Kaitlyn that I liked. I am sorry if the spelling isn't right. This is on Mom and Dad's front patio. Of course, Kaitlyn's parents, Mitchell and Kris (spelling again!), and Aunt Mandi were there. It was a housefull to feed hamburgers and hotdogs and cake and ice cream. But fun!

We opened presents in front of a video camera for Kirk's parents' sake. They had sent a big box for Sabrina to open there at the party. After seeing the tapes we made at Christmas years ago, you would probably shun any present-opening tape we produce as a family!! It can get sorta boring.

The funniest thing that hapened I think, was when Sabrina opened a doll from Ethan. Rachel and Kirk had gotten her a stroller. She started bouncing up and down bending her knees, and making little grunting-type noises. Grunting in a cute way. She was obvious in her desire-----she wanted that dolly cut out of that box as soon as possible. Kirk worked quickly on those twist-ties and got her out. She hugged that doll and kissed it with her little open mouth on the top of the dolly's plastic head. And if she set the doll down, that did NOT mean you could go pick it up. She knew that was her doll, and she wanted to wag it around. It was very cute.
This bathing suit was another of her presents, and she looks like a cutie in it!

Mom is trying to tell us that Sabrina has a "Rachel" personality. Maybe!?! That memory of Rachel gets dimmer every year for me. I can't remember what she was like as a toddler at all. I remember her wearing dresses all the time. And I remember Rachel telling me I did not do Teddie's voice at all right. Rachel was always a little Mommy for all her dolls. But we in the family knw what Mom is trying to allude to-----a temper.

With Jamie, I looked at it like he just wants what he wants, and he Knows what he wants, and if you don't get it, he'll tell you about it. Sabrina is the same way. Maybe right now, she has to throw a fit about some things because there is no other way to deal with it. As with every personality trait, though, there's the bad and the good side. The up side is, that's one little girl who will not get walked all over, and she probably won't be talked into something she doesn't want to do. (Now my Mommy mind is trying to figure out how to teach such a kid the have the "right" in their heart, so they want to do right! Because they are going to do what they want ot anyway---and these teen years are approaching us.)

I really enjoyed Sabrina. She's kinda spunky! She makes really cute, squished up faces when she's happy. She let me hold her (a little), and was happy to be with me. She is not a cuddly little girl. She is constantly moving when she is awake. I don't know how many times she walked around the couches in the living room and the circle throught the kitchen. She's not running, but just busy moving and doing all the time. She isn't running around aimlessly.

The kids enjoyed her, too, and I'm glad.

By the way, I am still making my way through Jane Eyre, and am enjoying it more and more. It's not easy! I need a dictionary, but I don't want to interrupt my train of thought to go look something up. It takes some concentration. I think I am going to get To Kill a Mockingbird next.


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