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Friday, June 30, 2006

Words---written and spoken

I have added some cool stuff to my sidebar. Jamie has decided to start a different blog. This one is "Dragons of Reality" based, which he has decided to completely start over. The many stories he spent hours on last year are scrapped. But the good news is, he is renewed in enthusiasm. I found a book in the library called Written and Illustrated by . . . which is a method for getting people (kids in particular) to write and illustrate their own books. I am the president of the publishing company. Anyway, as I had hoped when I found this book, Jamie is letting me try out this book on him this summer. I would like to start an after school club at Jamie's school in the fall. A writing club! The book was written in 1985 (so the methods don't really include a lot of computer use!). It talks about the right brain/left brain idea and how the creative brain needs some room to expand to get good quality work, and how people have great potential within them if they can give it a chance. I already believe all that. It's funny, too, that I wrote a research paper about right brain/left brain theory in about 1988 (high school). I guess it was a hot topic back then!

Jamie also has been playing around on a Star Trek web site and has set up an account for himself there. His friends and Bess are the characters, and he is keeping a "captain's log" on there. I am not sure if this is the intention of the website----but he's added pictures of ST characters on there and pictures of Lego creations of his own that he has built into rooms on his ship "The Conqueror." I don't know how to link to it, or I would.

The other new thing on my sidebar is a visitor counter! I can go to the website and see how many unique visitors I have and how many repeat. I have fixed it so my own viewing doesn't count. I like it! It has all kinds of graphs to look at, so after a few weeks I can go see what days get the most traffic and how many people come back and how many new people I get. So keep on visiting me so I can get my counter up really high!

Also today we went to get Jamie a Headshot for Troupe. We got a free session, and then photos were extra. The photographer let Bess get in a few at the end, so I had to buy some. The headshot looks relaly good---it's him, with a bit of a mischievious look about him. It would probably be against copyright to scan them and post them in when I get some.

We have some summer grouchies over here today. I am taking quarters for bad words and bad attitudes, and at this rate, I'll be buying a CD for myself mid-July. (The CD will counter-act the badness coming in my ears.)


  • Jenny, Check with the photographer and see if you can get permission to publish the photos on your blog. They probably will have no problem giving you a release for that. If they do, be sure to give them credit (free publicity for them).

    P.S. Elvis, er... PM Koizumi has left the building.
    Unc John

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Saturday, July 01, 2006 7:35:00 AM  

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