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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Locomotives on Parade #18 and #14

Our latest two train viewings were this morning , both in Bryan. The first one is in front of Sterling Auto, and was sponsored by them and Tasco Auto Color. Which makes me wonder if they used auto paint to decorate the train. Hmmm . . . The title of this artpiece is the Sterling Express. As you can see they have it elevated in the bed of a truck.

The second one here is the Udderly Sublime train. This is one of the ones that people remember. I think the design is bold enough to be appreciated from the car as you go past. Plus, intentionally or not, it refers back to the Cow Project that I think started it all. Isn't it in Chicago where they painted cows in different ways, and then they did stuff like ponies in Houston? I was just thinking this art idea started with cows. At any rate, It makes me think of that. I like the ones with a lot of detail, but thay can only really be appreciated if you get out of the car and take a look. Udderly Sublime is outside of the Scott and White Clinic on University, and sponsored by S&W Health Plan. There's some insurance co-pays at work.

Someone I talked to lately about the train project was relieved to know that all the trains weren't bought by the city---that businesses sponsored them. A couple are bought by Bryan and College Station, but most are private donations to the Pres. Library. So, how much money should be spent on public art? As a person who took art in college---not A&M! UNT----of course I see the value in beautifying the city and exposing the citizens to public art. On the other hand, there are people who go without services needed, or a roads project can't get done because of budget shortfalls, etc. I kinda feel like we ought to do all the "work" before we get to play with art. But all work and no play makes Jenny a crazy person. Just a point to ponder.

At any rate, the trains are being enjoyed by us this summer. Thanks to everyone for public art!


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