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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Camp, Camp, and Camp

Here is Jamie, learning how to survey a property line at Cub Scout Day Camp. I like to see this because it is something that I never in my life have done. I like that he's learning things beyond my own base of knowledge----he's becoming his own person, branching out from me. But then again, he has always been his own person!!

Jamie and Larry went to camp and were out in the 90+ degree temps all week. Their only respite came on Friday when some showers came through and cancelled their day a little bit early. They were sad about that though---they're working on badges and needed to finish some things out to earn the badge. But yea for the rain!! We got some more today, Saturday, too. It was fantastic to have rain in June. I had just read an article about how the cotton crops were going to be miserable here in Texas because it's been so dry and hot.

Here's another picture at Day Camp---Jamie earned a Silver Bullet for shooting the BB gun at a target. If you know Jamie, I'm sure you can pick out his profile---he's just above that redhead. Larry took these. He was able to take off work and go every day this week.

And Jamie really wanted to include a picture of the bridge his group built. I guess the Engineering section impressed him this week. he built an arch bridge. I hope he will blog on his own about this.

And in other news, Bess has continued her Track Camp every morning this week, and thank goodness she runs in the earliest group. It has been getting up in the 90s every afternoon (I don't think it's broken the 100 degree mark yet), and the lows are staying in the 70s. I have been determined to walk the stairs or around the track at least a little while she's out there. Since Jamie wasn't with me waiting on Bess, I felt freer to walk the track. On Thursday, I walked a mile, and I hope to do that every morning this next week. I know a mile isn't a lot, but I am proud I did it. I guess spelling it out here also makes me sort of accountable---you guys might ask me if I'm keeping it up. Bess is half-way through Track Camp---two more weeks to go. And what should I do when Camp is over? Walk my neighborhood or come back up to the high school track?

And finally, I have been teaching at the first Sonshine School Camp with Mrs. Penny. We went 5 days, from 9 to noon, with kids ages 3 to 6. It was really difficult for me to deal with such a wide age range!! The wonderful beading activity I had for the older ones turned into ten minutes of cleaning up beads off the floor of the entire room after a 3 year old thought it was cool to dump out the cups of beads and spread them everywhere. Ug. But SSCamp was worth it, all in all, and I got to know some of the kids who I will have in my class next year (probably). And I connected to one of the moms who Larry and I knew from college. We had even gone to Morrilton, Arkansas, together right before Larry and I were married. That was a weeklong trip, to a children's home. Anyway, that was cool.

We had a Softball team party today at the pool, and I'll get those pictures on a blog soon. It was fun, but Jamie and I have sunburns---my arms, and his face! Maybe his will tan. He made it all week at day camp with no burn and one afternoon and he gets a burn. Bess had a lot of fun with her softball buddies.

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