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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Locomotives on Parade #10, #13, #12

Here's Jamie by the one he wanted to go see today. (We tried the one at the Linclon Center, but it is in the shop for repairs, they said until the end of the month.) This is the Hot-N-Ready Express sponsored by Little Caesar's Pizza. I's right at Texas and SW Parkway.

This is Foo Foo Choo Choo, sponsored by David Gardner's Jewelry. It is on University. This was Bess's choice for the day. Of course that big tutu is really unique!

And here we are at our last stop of the day, the Iron Horse. It's sponsored by the Hilton (and it sits outside it), and the CSRotary Club. This shot doesn't show it, but the Rotary Club symbol is on some of the trains wheels. This one was also cool because they had train sounds you can turn on from a handheld control in the back. This train has a staircase leading up to the back of it. Here's me! Bess told me to start stepping into it for the picture.

This has been a fun little sightseeing tour of the town so far. It's not just me dragging the kids there, but they want to go, too.

There are 3 in Brenham, so if anyone is interested in going to Brenham with me the week of July 17, maybe we could have a Blue Bell tour and a picnic lunch down there. That week, neither of the kids will be in any kind of camp!

I have to blog about the GT Parent (Gifted and Talented) meeting I went to last night. I am hopeful that there are some plans in the works that at least Bess would benefit from. I think Jamie will, too, but he's further along in the system already. I am excited that they are going to try to cluster the kids at one Junior High, and it seems to fit in with our hopes and dreams for the Dual Language kids as well. The GT coordinator for the district I like very much, since she seems to be interested in the parents' input and help. I like that they are re-evaluating the way they indentify children, to catch more of them, and from a wider variety of backgrounds. We formed a GT Parent group last night, and either Larry or I will be on the steering committee. Probably me.

That's my life yesterday! (Well, that plus Track Club for Bess, shopping at Target, and other stuff here in the house!)


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