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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Question of the Day

Here's another of Jamie's questions:
"Which of the following would you use? Why?
A. Laser Cannon
B. Phase Pistol
C. CRM 114"

I pick the Phase Pistol, as you can see in the picture to the left. This is a pictire of Travis Mayweather from Enterprise. I need something I can hold in my hand, something portable.

What would I do with this weapon? I'd set it to "stun" and get some kids moving in the mornings, that's what I'd do. Maybe I'd learn to hunt with it. I'm sure in my present life, I'd rarely have to fire it. But if I was in Star Trek time era, I'd like to go on away missions to the planets' sufaces to check out the new peoples. I still hope I'd never have to really fire it, but I'd want to be prepared.

So, we survived the ol' 6-6-06, and I think it is because we have the seal of God on our foreheads. The devil can't take me!

Yesterday's question was about your favorite Bible Story, and the kids were supposed to write it in a way that little kids could understand it. Jamie wrote about Jezebel getting eaten by dogs (so very boy-ish, and not a real "little kid" story!). Bess wrote a wonderful essay about the death of Jesus. Anyone who's been in a Bible Class of mine ought to know my favorite is about Ruth.

Bess went to another Track Camp session this morning, and they had fun. I am pleased to say that it isn't too hot at 8 a.m. I think she's making a friend of one of the little girls there with her. Today was a bunch of packing and other household chores, and of course, ther was a lot more fussing today because of it.

I forgot to point Bess out in the picture below---she's the one in the middle with the purple shirt on!


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