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Friday, June 02, 2006

Our Daily Scribblings

Okay, I could take a new test every day. Or every hour of every day. I will not post all my tests, but if you like them, you can go to and do as many as your heart desires.

Update on our journals---Jamie is writing his on a blog. With much trepidation, I am letting him have one, and have it set up (I hope) so that he can't get contacted by a child predator. He saw a mom on a talk show that posed as a teenaged girl to check up on her teenaged sons. That mom was just trying to keep them safe, from handing out their locations or phone numbers or whatever. We've discussed it, and he knows I'm out there watching.

Today's writing assignment is to write a short story. This is Bess's idea again. She hasn't written hers yet, and neither have I, but Jamie wrote his in his "Dragons of Reality" series. He went back to Book Two to change the direction of the series. I hope he'll post his story, and since he is writing it in Word, it can be easy. Book one was 6 pages. There's a dragon named Foom and a bad person named Stisis. Jamie is the main character who gets sucked into this alternate universe. It's exciting to see him writing like that!

Let's see, yesterday was a list of people who you love (Bess's idea), so not too fun for a post. What if I left you out?? On purpose or accidentally?

Before that it was "What are some ways you can 'do a good turn' this week?" (My question) This term for good deeds comes from the Boy Scout handbook. Jamie did post his answers. Bess said she could help someone if they fall on the ice rink, hold a door, give a hug, make a card for someone, listen so someone if they're sad, give a coupon to be someone's maid for an hour, and doing something without being told to. Mine were boring!

And the day before that (Bess's question) was "If you could change your name, what would it be?" Jamie's involved "Bob" which is his favorite name. Bess said Milly, Lilly, KK, Kayla, Jenny, Lexy and Alex. I tried to list a name I liked for every letter of the alphabet (overachieving tendencies). So mine is a work in progress. My extra girl's name I'll never use on a real child is Audrey Katherine. So there is A and K.

I am pleased at how long we've kept up with this! I do let them watch some TV or get on the computer before they do the writing (and reading), but at some point in the day, I have the TV off and they have to do this stuff before it comes back on. I haven't done the ticket method of TV watching, which I have considered---two tickets a day (two half-hour shows), plus an extra when they read. Bess has logged 4 and a half hours of reading, Jamie, 3 and a half. One more half hour, and Bess gets a reward at the library.

Bess will start Summer Track Camp on Monday. I tried to go sign her up, but no one was at the place they were supposed to be when they said they would be today. I can still sign her up before class on Monday----8 am, Mon.-Thurs., all of June! But why did I think that this might happen? How come I kinda knew I wouldn't find someone there? I think (I know) I have slight prejudice about "jocks" and guy jocks in particular. I fear what I do not know anything about!


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