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Monday, May 29, 2006


We started our journals, and now I think we're rolling. Jamie actually did his without complaint (too much) today. He has even contributed questions for the question bucket, I think , giving him ownership of the system a bit. I am making them write as many sentences as years old they are, so Jamie is doing 10 and Bess is doing 7. it didn't take long for them to think I needed to write 35 sentences. I am not, but I am writing a notebook page full of my answer, which is still more than they do. I said since I've already graduated from college, I don't need to grow in my writing skills as much as they do, and, therefore, don't need to write so much. Plus, I should count my blogs or e-mails, maybe. Ha!

Here's a summary of the questions and journal entries; they are kinda similar in nature!
Day 1:
What do you want to do this summer?
Bess says reading, fun, less chores, Children's Museum, book stores, fold clothes, help Mommy, and help around the house more.
Jamie says get away from the journal, do something with meaning, get out of the house, play on the computer, swimming, camp, go to Tennessee and Oklahoma.
I said a bunch of things I wanted to avoid (like arguing ang nagging and watching T.V.). Then I said I wanted to journal, a daily Bible Study, be more active, swimming, popcicles, going to Memphis, and Sonshine School training in July, and make our deck a nice place to sit. We ate dinner out there tonight---the sun was behind clouds this evening, and it wasn't too hot out there!

Day 2:
Write some places you want to go this summer. (Bess's question)
Together we've compiled this list:
Memphis, TN
the beach
the library
Children's Museum
the backyard
the movies
Sonshine School Camp
Jackie's wedding
Bess's softball games
Jamie's Troupe productions
ice skating
the mall
Children's Museum of Memphis
the swimming pool (Henderson Harbor is almost like our own personal pool, it feels like)

Day 3:
What do you like to do outdoors?
Bess says softball, recess, swimming, tree climbing, and running. (We are going to get her in Bryan ISD track camp in June!)
Jamie only wrote one thing: swimming (Not a good day for his journalling)
I wrote swimming, water slides, Schlitterbahn, ocean swimming, being at the beach and listening to waves, building sand castles, eating outside, picnics, grilling and campfires, camping in general, visiting historic sites. I should have mentioned spinning my flagpole---I think I could get my arms in great shape if I did that for a few minutes every morning in our backyard.

And today, Day 4:
What is the best place we have gone on vacation and why?
Bess wrote about our trip to holland, MI. She mentioned the wedding and eating ice cream.
Jamie wrote about the trip we took to Memphis when Rachel and Kirk were there, too. (Don't tell him, but he really wrote 11 sentences!) He mentioned the zoo, Graceland, the Children's Museum, and Texarkana.
I wrote about a trip we took to San Antonio in 2000. Bess would have been almost 2, so the pictures of that trip are really cute. I really liked us being away from home for 3 nights and doing touristy things---the Riverwalk, the Alamo, the Witte Museum and eating out a lot.

So that's our journey into journalling. I might or might not post all our answers this summer. You could comment and tell me your answers, if you want! I know Jamie's questions are about Star Trek topics, so they might be a stretch for me! We've been getting the DVDs of Star trek Enterprise series, which has gone off the air in the last couple of years.

Bess and I both really look forward to getting the question every morning! Maybe more tomorrow!


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