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Saturday, May 27, 2006

And the award goes to . . .

It's time for those end of year awards! Bess is here getting two: One for good grades this six weeks and one for good conduct. Larry got to go to the awards ceremony to take pictures.

You can't tell here, but she has one of those front teeth coming in a fraction of an inch, and the other one is ready to break through the skin at any moment. I can't imagine this is very comfortable! Bess also had a Brownie ceremony where she got a pin for one year in Girl Scouts.

I want to give her an award for "Great Progress in Reading Skills." We got her testing results and he achieved all the targets for first grade and then some. She has surpassed the reading level Jamie got at the end of his first grade year, which isn't surprising, since she likes to read more than Jamie does. I really think she might pass him! She's a pretty great kid.

Jamie might have had a school awards ceremony at the end of his year, but we didn't know about it. He has gotten where he doesn't want us around as much. He did manage to get an A average for the whole school year in all his classes. Pretty cool! This was a year I was glad was over for his sake.

To the right is a picture from the awards banquet for BV Troupe. This is Jamie and Jayme. They got an award for the "Best Acting Performance by a Duo." This was Jamie's "Ollie Ribbons" role, which he really wanted, tried out for, and got. Jayme was a television reporter interviewing Ollie, who had seen Alice chase a Rabbit down a hole. Jamie also got a "Sweet Sixteen Award" for one of the 16 most memorable roles this past year, and he got on the "All Star Cast" for the sceond year in a row. (This is why he is wearing two medals.) I think he is right where he belongs in Troupe. Larry and Jamie were presenters of two awards also. I'm proud of my boy!


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