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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Star Trek Question

Which of the following would you like to drive? Why? (Jamie's question, finally)
A. Borg Cube
B. Xindi Superweapon
C. Xindi-Insectoid ship

I would choose to drive a Xindi-Insectoid ship. It looks faster than a cube or a sphere, really. I can imagine myself at the controls, doing rolls or zooming inbetween other vessels in battle. I know the controls would be hard to read---have you seen their alphabet? Or for that matter heard the spoken language? The cube would be no fun because a bunch of other Borg would constantly be on your back making you do what's best for the many. And a Superweapon---it's a little too dangerous for me. To think I had the power to blow up a whole planet would be a little unnerving, and if I did it accidentally (like setting my Coke on top of the button or something), I could never live with myself. But the superweapon looks really cool, with all the layers of metal moving around it. And for that matter, the Borg cube looks cool, too. But the inside is kinda dark. I am not sure if it would be too dark in Insectoid ship, but maybe I could turn the lights up. Jamie says there is a hatchery in there, so maybe I could go play with the little insect babies. (If you know how I feel about cockroaches, you'd understand I might not really do this.) Still, I think this is the most maneuverable, and most fun to drive.

My apologies about any typos or spelling errors. I can't figure out why the spell check isn't working properly.

Ya happy, Jamie??


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