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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Pool Party

Saturday we went to the pool for Bess's softball team's end-of-year party. Here are 8 of the 12 girls---all but one got to come for part of it. This is before the sun came out! Later we had a perfect afternoon for swimming, but the day started out stormy.

To the right is Bess and Coach John. They got trophies in their bags. Bess is acting silly! We ate pizza and some cookie cake during the 30 minute lightning delay we had to start our visit there. After that there was no more lightning, thank goodness.

The water slide is a fun for all, and here's Larry going down. Bess never did go down, but Jamie did.

Party, dude!

Lucky for us, we have two girls on the team that are within walking distance of our house. we can SEE one of the girls' houses from our front door, even!

As a team, we didn't do so great on the record, but as the year ended I think we were hitting our stride. The last gane was really our best effort, and Bess got her second hit of the season. She started batting left handed there at the end. They are all excited right now about next spring's team. Eight of the girls could play together again, 4 having to move up into the next age bracket.

Here's a happy picture of Bess at the party that was too cute to not include.

She did not burn except a tiny bit on her shoulders, but Jamie got a burned face, Larry a burned head, and me, burned forearms and a small patch on my neck. I have got to get the sunscreen coverage better!


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