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Monday, June 26, 2006

Locomotives on parade #24

Here we are this morning (Monday the 26th), visiting the "Downtown Train." It has a split design, so I had to show you both sides. This one is sponsored by the City of Bryan and was designed by the Bryan High Art Classes.

Words of warning: if you visit this one, there is no really close parking lot. The actual closest one is a St. Joseph building on the westbound side of William Joel Bryan. We parked at Sue Haswell Park and walked on sidewalks to the train at the east side of the split where it goes one way
. (That made no sense!) There is another train at the west end of the park, too. Another bit of advice is that you shouldn't even try this with kids younger than mine. I was pretty nervous walking on the sidewalks to get to the train, and back to the park. The sidewalks are narrow and the traffic is supposed to be going 35 mph. I felt like we needed to walk single file as narrow as the sidewalk was, and then I could not get the children to feel the need to stay as close to the grass as possible---away from the road.

The back of the train was neat, too.

Do you know today it's closer to Christmas 2006 than the old 2005 one? I have been scrapbooking my Christmas 2005 photos this weekend.


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