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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Locomotives on Parade #19

You might be wondering if we'll ever get done with our train photos. I know I won't take the last ones until at least mid-July when we go to Brenham. There are 4 there, and one is at Blue Bell. It has been convenient to go take a picture right after Bess is done with her track practice every morning, but today was the last practice day. Tomorrow is her last track meet, and we'll be wiped out for the day after we're done with that.

We have taken pictures with eleven trains so far. About one-third done.

Here is the lastest train: Musically Trained on Copperfield Dr. It's sponsored by Godfrey Construction Company. We thought of Poppa when we saw it. It's so colorful and musical. It sits in front of Fountain Plaza, and thankfully it's a safe place to get out and park and walk around it. Of course the kids had to go look at the fountain, too, and throw pennies in for wishes. Bess really took that seriously. She closed her eyes, held her penny close to her heart, and threw it in. She wanted to get it in the top part of the fountain.

I need to stop writing "I was thinking . . ." since everything on here is something I was thinking. Obviously. You may now assume everything I wrote here was something out of my own brain.

List of future topics, possibly
* tan lines
* mid-summer resolutions
* books I have read or want to read
* best things to do while at the pool
* favorite Sonic drink combos
* mantras

Some of these are in research and development. I really need to write about the tan lines. We have some funny conversations around here about that! I had a couple more topics I already forgot. I wrote these down to remind me for later.

I have added a few more blogs to my list at the side. They aren't really time-tested yet, but I liked what I read so far.


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