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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Four Ribbons

Today we went to Bess's final track meet in Bryan for her track club. She FINALLY got some ribbons, and I think it has made the experience so much more enjoyable for her.

The first event she placed in was the softball throw with her personal best, 38 feet. She got 6th place out of probably 20 girls. Yea! Then she got a first place ribbon for the 4x100 meter relay. They are going to take this team to the regionals in Waco. Larry will go with her to run on a track that he ran on in high school.

The relay team's picture is to the right. That is Hannah, Ty (so good at everything she does!), Bess, and Margo (whose mom is going to coach then some more before we go. Have to tackle that tricky stick handoff!). these girls have been doing the track camp all this June.

Then Bess ran the 50 meter (5th place) and the 100 meter (6th place). Those are all a challenge for Bess! She is trying her hardest, and I love that.

We had 3 track meets, the first two in College Station, and this one in Bryan. I am starting to love that track and stadium. That's weird from me, isn't it? I am wondering why the College Station team didn't show for the meet today. Hmmm? We went there two times, and why can't they come up to ol' Bryan for one meet? Maybe their track camp didn't meet this week. Hmmm? This week we still had the Franklin team (all in green) and the Bremond team in attendance. There are some little tiny Franklin girls in Bess's age division that I look forward to seeing compete. Very cute!

I should mention our friends, the Boones, who allowed us to share their shade once more. We've been watching their son Jeremy run in the oldest age division. He did a bunch of first places! He did a personal best long jump today, I think it was 14 feet 9 inches. Bess's best has been right about 5 feet. Isn't that amazing? Jeremy's 4x100 team was the only one in their age group, so they didn't run it---they just handed over some blue ribbons. Another treat---Bess's friend Jonathan and Christine (his Mom) visited with us a little while, too.

No trains today----After being outside all morning, I got food in Jamie and got him to Troupe practice. He is working hard at American-themed music for a set of shows the weekend of the 7th, and the following weekend is a different show. Whew! I hope it isn't too much!

Of note today---this is Larry's brother Rusty's birthday. This is the brother that passed away in April this year. A good day with a sad shadow slipping between some of the cracks.


  • Congrats to Bess on her comleting track camp. Also for the ribbons in the 4 x 100 relay.
    Good Luck(?) in the regionals in Waco.
    Uncle John

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Friday, June 30, 2006 4:53:00 PM  

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