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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Japanese Elvismania

Here's Jamie's Star Trek page. This is him without the aid of spell check, mind you. That last period needs to go in there, too, but it looks like it isn't part of the link for some reason.

This morning I had to go online to find out about the President and the Japanese PM visiting Graceland. It's a funny story, but I didn't see any really halarious pictures. That's what I wanted. With all the super-sizing going on in America these days, Graceland is a bit small. We already personally know people with homes as big as Graceland or on such beautiful grounds. But we will not as Joe Public get the "royal treatment" like the Pres. or the PM got----both Lisa Marie and Priscilla were there with them to show them around. I guess I ought to go to the Memphis TV station websites to find some more info. The news article on yahoo said the PM sang a bit of Elvis for the group. Japanese man singing Elvis! Come on! That had to have some funny clips.

For those who don't know, I was born in Memphis, and therefore have a personal connection to the King's homebase. I remember when he died in '77. I was 6. Of course my parents were more into the Beatles than Elvis, so I have never been a big fan. I appreciate all the groundbreaking he did, the music he produced, the pink Cadillacs he gave to people.

I have made two visits to Graceland, which is now sort of an oasis within a bad-ish part of town. An oasis surrounded by tourist/souvenier land. Rachel and I went one summer with Aunt Ronda and Uncle Gary. I think Jackie was a baby. or maybe it was Jeremy? And then I visited again on my honeymoon with Larry. That was his only visit. I've taken pictures of the gate with the kids two summers ago (that time Jackie drove us, and we saw some "women of the night" in broad daylight---not a pretty sight).


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