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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Our trees

This picture was taken on July 10th. I was excited because the crepe mertle trees were finally blooming after the rest of the town's had already bloomed. This happened last year, and I thought something was wrong with the trees. But no-----Yea! So here we go . . .trees start blooming.

I couldn't believe how the grass was growing,and ten days later, we have a jungle back there, and I took this shot. The 20th! my anniversary. Nice full tree of flowers. It makes me happy to look out my kitchen window and see the pretty flowers.

I took one more picture on the very next day and it seemed like there were even More flowers on the tree. And the grass got cut, so it looks prettier. I like the color of this tree a lot. We have another one this color, and one more that is a light purple. But it bloomed earlier in the summer, and is past it's prime.

Another post later!


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