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Friday, July 21, 2006

Locomotives on parade #26

We went by this one on the way to swimming Thursday. It is in downtown Bryan, and it's called Regrowth. It's sponsored by the Downtown Bryan Economic Development Association. I like this one, with it's 20's style lady in the engineer's spot and the stylized flowers and symmetry. (I wanted to say Art Deco, but my Art friends might have to correct me). The artist is Felice House. It was SO HOT and BRIGHT when we took this picture! Rachel told me that it was going to be 110 degrees today in OK City! Yikes! Right now at 10:16 at night, here where I am, it's still 87 degrees. Ug!

The newspaper has had a contest in it to win a trip for 4 to Chicago. (Maybe I can escape the heat!!) It's a train trip for four! I would love to win this---3 nights in a hotel for two adults and two kids, city passes, $500 cash. We have often talked about taking a train trip sometime. Maybe it's all the Harry Potter train travel or the Alfred Hitchcock movies we've seen. I'd like to sleep in one of those pull-down bunk beds.

Here are the entries we submitted. You have to be 18 to win, and only one entry per person. Bess did one for Larry to submit. I did one of my own. Bess's colors did not scan well. The yellow was a florescent color. Hers has crowns on it. Mine is the one with the rainbow.


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