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Monday, July 10, 2006

Locomotives on Parade #11 and stuff

Ahh . . . back on the track----choo-chooo tracks! We saw this train called Postcards from the Brazos Valley sponsored by the BCS Convention Center, and it sits right in front of the building on University.
The picture with Jamie shows the postcards. Both the kids thought we had to include the back of the train. Nice and colorful!

This Saturday we gave Zuzu a bath. Larry thinks she got sprayed by a skunk while we were gone to Granbury. She still smelled like skunk after quite a few days. We used a little tomato sauce on her to cut the smell. It worked a little, but she still smells bad to me. To get the job done, we had to get three of us involved---Larry, Bess, and me.

Sonshine School camp started this week again. Penny and I are teaching only 9 kids this time. So we are busy from 9 to noon every day this week, and Jamie has TROUPE camp one more week with a show at the end of the week. He will be doing shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This one is "Broadway Follies" and he will get to reprise the role of Timon as he sings "Hakuna Matata." This past weekend they did another show, and he sang some smaller parts in some medley songs. But did a really fine job. he makes us proud!

I really enjoyed Janet Laminack's blog today. She posted some pictures of a parade in Ecuador, and it was just interesting for the colorful pics, but as she always is, the commnetary is funny, too.


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