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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Locomotives on Parade #27, #5, #1, #2

Four more trains this week:
This is the Freedon Express, sponsored by Jim Singleton, Architect. It is in downtown Bryan, near the Carnegie Library. The other side of it has an American flag on it. We took this one right after I picked up the kids from the lock-in.

This first one is at the A&M Consolidated High School, and was designed and executed by the Art Club. (Give three "hurrahs" for Art Club!) The City of College Station sponsored it. I was really impressed with all the different things on the train. (You'll have to go to my webshots account to see all the angles.) The kids' names were on the back; "Train of Thought," the name of the train, was written on one part of it in many languages; mathmatical equasions are on one smaokestack; "art club" was in sign language on the front; photos of the making of the train were decopaged (spelling?) on the bar that connects the wheels together. It's really cool!

This third one was inside the Geo. Bush Pres. Library. This is train #1, called On the Right Track. The kids liked the photo of the Pres. and Mrs. Bush in the window. Cheesey, but fun. We were on our way to an afternoon of swimming.

This last one is also at the museum. It is #2, called Building America. It's sponsored by Union Pacific. One interesting thing about these two is that they had real trains painted in just this way, and when the muesuem exhibit about trains began, the former Pres. came and they had these trains drive around our area. So I think these painted trains are out there somewhere still.

While we were at the museum, the docents talked with us and invited us to go see the 15 minute movie you see before you go in the museum (the part you have to pay for). I know I've seen the movie about 5 times. But this time, it seemed like the kids were paying attention. They were asking me questions. Jamie has been there on field trips at least 3 times.

It's nice to have a museum like this in our community! There is big talk in Texas about where the current pres. will put his library/museum. I think it'll end up at Baylor, which is just an hour and a half up the road. Maybe we'll be heading up there in a few years. I also want to go to the LBJ museum sometime.


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