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Friday, July 14, 2006

A Major Award!!

This title is for my Dad, and for all who watch the TBS marathon on Christmas Eve/Day of A Christmas Story. I won a major award, and instead of displaying it in my living room window, lit up in all it's glory for the neighbors to see, I am going to proudly wear my "major award" on my chest. Maybe not out of the house, though, because it is a XL t-shirt.

I am the winner of Sonic's Sneak Peek Contest for July. Yea! So I won a Sonic Cruiser T-shirt, which I got in the mail today. I guessed that next month's new menu item was a Spicy Chicken Breakfast Burrito. They give one clue, and then if you send the invitation to the contest to someone else, you get another clue. I didn't narrow it down to the Breakfast burrito until I got the second clue. So if you're trying to get the answer, I suggest fionding someone to send the invite to so you can get the second part of the clue. !

I'd take a picture, but Larry has the digital camera with him taking pictures of our little runner. She will do long jump tonight, and tomorrow the running events---50 meter and (hopefully) the 4x100 relay. Guess what? This morning one of the little girls' Moms said she wasn't going to do it after all. UGGG! Those other girls were practicing all week with their baton handoffs. I am so mad! Maybe they can find another girl to run in her spot. I'm so mad!

Since this entry is Sonic-related, maybe this is where we talk about Sonic add-in favorites. (Janet, you may now quit reading.) I actually have not done a lot of research into this, so if you want, leave a comment with your favorite add-in. Please? Or your favorite drink there. Anyone try that Cranberry add-in or cranberry-limeade? I really like cranberry things---nice and tart, not too sweet.

Jamie used to embarass me with his multiple add-in requests. I wanted him to only do one add-in per drink. But as I started getting these Sonic e-mails, I realized it is part of the charm of the place to get a bunch of add-ins. He usually gets Sprite, no ice, with grape and cherry add-ins.

I like the similar grape-cherry Slush. This protects me from getting a slush without enough flavor, which has happened a few times I get only cherry. Nothing worse than pulling away with a cup of slush that is barely pink. Ug! I also like to get a Vanilla Coke. I have classic tastes!

Bess likes to get a Vanilla Diet Coke Float. I also love the Coke Float. That girl and her diet drinks! She is just getting diet because Larry started getting diet drinks. He might just get a plain Diet Dr.Pepper. No add-ins for him.

I have a friend who clued me into a Chocolate Cherry Vanilla Coke. That supposedly tastes like a chocolate covered cherry. I deemed it too special for regular, everyday events, so I am waiting for a special occasion to get it (like the birth of another chid or another "major award").

And let me just say that there is hardly anything you can get for less than $2 that brings me such happiness as a great big ol' Sonic drink in my cup holder on these hot summer days. Ahhh!


  • I am right there with you with the Sonic drinks! I tried to kid myself and say that I needed to limit myself to just going a few times a week. HA- like that really happened!! I LIVE for happy hour (3-5 at all Sonscs here in town) where they have all drinks for 1/2 off. I see it as my little reward after making it through the day with all 7 kids, mine and Kathy's. Oh, and I am kinda plain - I order (faithfully and without change) a Route 44 Diet Coke with extra ice, or as I like to call it (but only to my husband)my R44DCXI.

    By Anonymous paula, at Friday, July 14, 2006 8:13:00 PM  

  • Don't you love those special free presents in the mail. I got this really lame plastic wallet in the mall a couple of months ago that I won in a contest. No idea which contest I signed up for, or who the company is, but it is my favorite wallet because it was free.
    I have nothing to add about Sonic drinks, we don't have any in NH, I don't think???

    By Anonymous Mommy, are the toys on sale?, at Saturday, July 15, 2006 1:00:00 PM  

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