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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Grand Opening! Everything from A to G

First of all, I have to tell you how I messed up yesterday's blog post, fixed it, and realized it will be messed up starting today.

The hyperlink thing I am just figuring out. At first, my hyperlink wasn't working at all. Then Larry alerted me to this (thanks for reading, Lar!), and we fixed it. The link I gave yesterday is just to the Webshots blog (a new picture every day---I added a link in the sidebar), which will change from being a picture of Elvis this morning! So my little hyperlink will take you to something new today---not my intention. I linked to the page because not only is it a picture, but it gave some information about how Memphis hosts and entertains all the Elvis fans.

I have added more blogs to the sidebar because they are interesting. Some friends, some strangers.

And now, the drumroll please . . . . .

Dad's Store had it's ribbon cutting on Thursday last week. Yea! Rachel and I came with our kids for the occasion, leaving our husbands at home.

It was really more exciting than I thought it might be. I helped set the food with Dad that afternoon. The Chamber people came---Ambassadors, and they were pretty encouraging, giving Dad congratulations and telling him it was a nice shop and organized. Mom and Dad's neighbors came, which was nice, too. We weren't sure just who might show up, or how many. Needless to say there was a lot of food left over, and we ate on it while we stayed at their house!

For those who don't know my dad, he got his degree in music education and taught band for 8 years in Mississippi. (We lived just over the line in Memphis.) His teaching science led him to learn about nuclear power, and he took classes in Memphis to train him to run nuclear reactors (not bombs, but making electricity). This has been what Dad has been doing for 24 years now, until he retired in May. During the past year or so, as he was thinking of retiring, he was getting his business started. He only recently got the store, which is needed in Granbury. There hasn't been a music store in Granbury, maybe ever. I used to go an hour's drive to get my oboe reeds in Fort Worth. So dad is well stocked in reeds and other things, but he wants to teach music again, and the store is set up really well with a cool practice room at the back. He will teach beginner anything, but his expertice is wind instruments-----not percussion. He didn't want to teach percussion since there is already someone else close by who is good at that. His instrument is tuba.

So this is a dream realized! Can you see how clever the name of the business is? A musical scale goes from A to G (not all the way to Z), and my dad's name is Agee (pronounced A-G). Everything from A to G! Go visit Dad's webpage and see what's up!

I googled Dad's name and found this. Kinda interesting! Let's see if I can get the hyperlinks to work today.

Thanks for reading my 50th Blog Post!


  • Ok Jenny,
    WE have WAY TOO many things in common!!!

    Thanks for your comment about A. We will see what the doctor says about her vision on the 23rd. It does explain ALOT about her frustration at SS when you had her.

    I've been to Granbury many times. My grandparents lived in Godley. They always wanted to frive to Granbury for mexican food.

    I LOVE sonic drinks. (Actually its more like an addiction, but it could be something worse.)
    Diet Dr. Pepper with Lime.

    I love your site and look forward to checking it more often!!

    God bless,
    KAthy C.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, August 09, 2006 12:07:00 PM  

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