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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Locomotives on Parade #23 and #25

These are two more trains we saw on Tuesday.

The NPC Xpress is sponsored by Newman Printing Company. The artits are D. Meugge and L. Simmons.

love those flip flops, J.

The Texas Roadshow is sponsored by the City of Bryan, ans is at the west end of Sue Haswell Park. Albert Flores is the artist---very appropriate, ja? (Flores is flower, isn't it?)

The count: 35 trains total

Our count: 20

Trains left to see: 15!

Trains out of town: 5

I think some of these trains were taken to the Roundhouse for repairs, and I wonder if we'll be able to see them at all. Maybe they will be on display at the museum all together? I don't know. I may call there and see if we can go see them sometime before they are auctioned off. I haven't seen the ones designed by Benjamin Knox (famous Aggie artist), and they were supposedly in the Roundhouse for a while now.

Dad's store grand opening/ribbon cutting is this afternoon. I hope to take some pictures there, and I sure hope people will come and enjoy his snacks. I am a bit nervous and excited, and I hope the kids can all behave well!


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