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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Elvis and Jane

I hear that today starts Elvis week in Memphis, in honor of his death-date. I'm a Memphis gal, so it's a little interesting to me. Since I moved from Memphis when I was only 10, though, I don't remember ever "celebrating" this week or even paying any attention to it. I remember hearing Elvis had died, though. ( I had a picture in my head of John Denver, though. My parents were more into The Beatles then Elvis, really, and that has rubbed off on me.) I was in my Granny's front yard when I heard the news, and Dad was picking us up or something. School wouldn't have started by this time, but I would have been starting first grade that fall. Check out this picture of Elvis. Cool! I just added a hyperlink to my blog.

Knowledge is Power!

And my big accomplishment for the summer----I finished Jane Eyre last night. yea!! I am glad. I did ruin it for myself by reading the synopsis at the beginning of the book, so I knew exactly how it would turn out. Not exactly ruin, but took off a bit of the charm. I am reading some more of the commentary in my Cliffs Notes. I thought life was just a little too rosy in the last chapter, though as she told about life after ten years of marriage. Surely she got sick of him a little, but she said it was all good. Maybe it wouldn't be proper to talk bad about a husband in public, so she wouldn't have told us about the stuff that got on her nerves. Or it wasn't important in the grand scheme of things, really. She loved him and would always want to take care of him, but it was still sort of like she was his servant and he the Master, like when he was her employer. Maybe this is how marriages were like in that time? I'm too much a "equal partner" kind of person, growing up as I did in the time I did, to think that this is a healthy kind of relationship for marriage.


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