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Sunday, August 06, 2006

other stuff and Locomotives on parade #4

This afternoon the whole family saw this Aggie train. Engine No. 12 sits in front of the Clayton Williams Alumni Center and is sponsored by the Assoc. of Former Students and the City of College Station. It says the artist was The American Institute of Architechture. How many people is that? Are they local? Reville sits in the seat on this side of the train, and Old Sarge sits in the window on the other side. We had been waiting to do this one with Daddy---he's a die-hard Aggie, so we couldn't go without him. He sees so few, we had to save this one for him.

This next shot is our new dog----Angel. This is Zuzu's Mommy! Angel wasn't getting played with enough, so we adopted her. Angel is a full-blood yellow lab, and our dog is half her and half "black dog" apparently. It's so funny that Zuzu didn't get a lick of that blonde hair.

So far, they like each other, but they are a little jealous, both of them. A pretty bad thunderstorm came through, and we were out at church. So we rushed home and they were both under our deck. Mind you, this is where Zuzu hangs out during the hot times of day (very dirty, but shady and kinda cool), but I had no idea they could both fit under there. Both of them! It's only about one foot or so off the ground, and they both have to smoosh their bodies to get under there. Angel is a little bit bigger in the shoulders and her nose is wider. Zuzu's nose is more like a collie's. They both like to bite at water! At least they have that in common. The feeding time was a little hairy---jealousy!

I'm sure we will be having many more entries about the dogs. I just pray she is not much trouble, and she'll be a good companion for Zuzu.


  • Hi! So glad you found my blog, and that you're enjoying it. I have a great time writing it!

    I'm enjoying yours as well. I've bookmarked it so that I can check back often!

    By Blogger Melissa, at Monday, August 07, 2006 11:04:00 AM  

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