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Friday, August 11, 2006

Locomotives on Parade #9 #17 and #16

Our train conquest is still ongoing. We have less than 4 days now before the beginning of school. I had really hoped we would get to all of the trains, but now I am having doubts.

But here we are, looking at three trains in one day yesterday.

This first one is called Let's Roll. I assumed it would be a tribute to September 11th, but it wasn't. It has several of our more famous presidents on it, and Benjamin Franklin. It is sponsored by Copy Corner (and you can see the store name in the background), and the artist is Sharon Elmendorf. Isn't she associated with The Children's Museum? I probably should try to look that up.

This second one is sponsored by the 4444 Group (which I assume means the businesses that are in this little office complex with 4444 as part of their address. Not only is the train cool, but the big 4444 statue was worth a picture, too. The artist is Mary Burkhalter, and the name of the train is Brazos County. There are scenes of cotton fields, bluebonnets, birds, and other things seen in our county. The back had a painting of a hot air balloon rising up over the landscape. I thought it was beautiful.

This last train we saw in that shopping complex that used to be Winn Dixie on 29th Street. The Success Express was designed by Becky Luther and sponsored by the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce. It has buildings painted on it that look like an Old West town.

We now have seen 24 of the 35 trains, if I am counting right. There are still 5 out-of-town trains (which I am thinking we won't get to), which leaves 6 more in town. I am sure that a few of them are in the roundhouse, so I am going to try to check on which ones we can still see to get our collections as complete as I can.

Notice J's new haircut? He got it on Wednesday afternoon with L. It's short again!


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