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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, August 11th

For this week's theme of Row, I submit to you a heritage photo I was given only yesterday. These people are in rows, obviously, although loosely, :-)
Now for explanation: Yesterday we buried my father-in-law. It's a really sad time for our family, although it is a relief to know that he is his old self again, not encumbered by physical pain or mental confusion. I'd like to write more about this later.
My father-in-law (we have deduced) is in this picture above. He is on the top row, the 5th head from the left. (Count the child being held as a head, too!) His parents are in the seated row on the bottom. His father, John Wyatt Adams is the third person from the right, and his mother, Mary Eura Sewell Adams, is the 4th one from the right, with the little tied white collar. This seems like a Sewell family celebration, maybe a anniversary for the grandparents who are sitting with the cake. They would be H. Douglas Sewell and Julia Henderson Sewell. One time my father-in-law took us to his old home town, and we saw their grave sites. I have pictures of the headstones, even. Julia (1868-1951) and H.D. (1866-1939) were buried there as well as his parents, John (1884-1967) and Eura (1892-1973), which is the name she went by, I think. Larry knew his grandmother, but his grandfather passed away 2 years before Larry was born. In that cemetery we also saw the headstone for Larry's great grandparents on the other side, Isom Israel Adams and Virginia (who's the second wife, I think!).
I think all that kind of stuff is really interesting. We got a bag of Larry's Dad's old pictures yesterday, and sat and looked at them during the luncheon the chiurch provided for the family. We laughed about the family resemblances, and who looks like whom. That was a good time.
I have spent a long time today getting this post ready! Let me know if you stopped by, so I can see your picture of Row.
Go by TNChick to see more photo hunters! Next week's theme is Two. It might be twice as nice as this one! ;-)

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