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Friday, August 03, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, August 4th

This week's theme is Funky, and I have a few of those kind of pictures.Here's an outfit of B's creation. Knicker-type pants, wrap skirt, cool shirt, and awesome, funky accessories---hat, necklace, purse.

And what is more funky (smelly) than a bunch of dancing and singing pre-teens and teens? Well, it's even funkier if they are doing Godspell. This was one of my best shots from the audience (no flash, remember!), and you can really see the funky costumes. J was in this production, but he's not in this shot. This was a song the girls did. I really enjoyed the music and dancing in this production---the end of a drama camp for J this summer.

A week or so ago I watched part of the 1973 Godspell movie on AMC, and it is really weird. An interesting telling of the gospel of John, but weird! When I think funky, I think the 1970s, so there ya go.
If you're interested in more funky photos, go check out the blogroll at TNChick. Next week's theme is Row. Lots for definitions of that word as well!

Try this link!! It's a new thing for me. :-)

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