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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, November 8th

This week's theme is together, and I submit two pictures for you---

This first one I took last Saturday of B and her BFFs. They'll be together forever, you know, just like my BFFs from 4th grade. Oh, wait, I have no idea where those friends are now! (I'm a bit too negative, of course.) They'll probably always stay connected because of technology. I connected up with fellow Band friends this week via Facebook. These girls had been at a Girl Scout event about American Girls dolls.

The next one is my hubby and me, circa 1991. We don't look near this cute now! Look how we love to be together at a picnic---so romantic. ;-) We will, of course, be together forever. As of this month, we've been "together" for 18 years and 9 months, and married for 17 years 4 months. I'd still like to eat a lunch just like that---Frito's, Dr. Pepper, sandwich. This was on our honeymoon, at the Chucalissa Indian Village in Memphis, TN.

If you want to see more "together" pictures today, check out TNChick's website. Home of the Photohunt!

Leave me a comment! I'll visit you when I get done with some more online schoolwork. I've done one test and one assignment this morning already. I spent two hours looking for one little statistic---how many low SES students we have in our local school district. Bryan---65.2 %, just so you know. College Station, which borders our town---30.3%. Three more assignments to go this weekend. I CAN DO IT!

Next week's theme is ruin(ed). Could be pretty interesting!

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