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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, October 18th

Today's' Photo Hunt theme is family. Just about all I post pictures of is family, so I decided to focus on my childhood family unit.

This is a picture of the 5 generations alive when I was born---me, my dad, his Mother, her Mother and her Mother. I was the oldest child, Dad was the oldest, Granny was the oldest, and her mother was the oldest daughter. Each one was close to 20 when they had their first child. That's how you get generations all smooshed together in one spot in time. With people delaying marriage and children, this event will become more and more rare.

I am only 3 years away from the age my grandmother was in this picture. That's weird!! 1971 or 1972, in Memphis, TN. Family may comment to verify! ;-)
This is a picture of my dad's college graduation (yes, the one where I yelled out, "Look at the clowns!" when I saw all the professors in colorful hoods). These are my parents and my Mom's Mom. Short skirt, Mom! Also in Memphis, 1973?
This isa photo of my sister and me on Dad's back. Love that pacifier hanging out of her mouth! 1975?
And this is from Granbury, TX, 1987, I think. This is our family unit, plus Mom's dad. We were all skinnier then. ;-) Mom had graduated from nursing school, and the grandparents were in for the occasion.
I enjoy looking over those family photos!

Go over to TNChick for some more family photos. Next week's theme is scary! woooooooooo!
Love to get your comments! Thanks. :-)

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