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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby Name generator

This came out so funny, I had to share. And I am adding edits!! I posted without really completing my post---computer freeze up, you understand.

I heard about the Sarah Palin Baby Name generator, and since I can't resist a good name generator, I plugged in all the family's names. No disrespect to Sarah Palin! But her names are a bit unquie, but in a vein (vane??) I didn't follow. I am a Jennifer, and since every 5th person in my class was Jennifer, I went for unique for my kids as well. Enough said! Here goes, our names, had we been born to Sarah Palin (aka, Alaskan Flair!)

Me---Jenny----Krinkle Bearcat Palin
kinda Chrismassy!

My hubby Lar---- Copper Catfish Palin
This is not the name he came up with when he put his name in, but it's not a bad name, if you're fond of fish. Which I am.

J---our son----Falter Locust Palin or using his full given name, Stockyard Mudslide Palin. J loves catfish, so too bad he didn't get his dad's middle name.

this is the best one:

B--our Daughter---McCain Fortress Palin
Ha! We were all LOL over here.
But would she have named a child that before she got asked to join the ticket? Or is only now that she would?

Here's a link you can follow---Palin Baby Name Generator. Enter at your own risk! Do leave your alternate name on the comment section!



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