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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Happy Birthday, B!

Today we had B's birthday party, celebrating her turning 10 last month. We ate lunch with her friends at her favorite restaurant---Subway. It was a bit crazy, as these photos indicate. Here is B modeling some presents. I got some good photos of her friends, but I won't share them here for their privacy! ;-)

Here's her cookie cake---we picked it out this morning at Kroger. I thought it looked like a really grown-up style.
I didn't get good photos if them painting much---I was working on my project and got busy!

Outside the store, their sandwich board was giving B a birthday greeting!
It was a really fun party! She had wanted to go there for her party all year, so it was a dream come true. I did spend more than I ever have for a party, but I didn't have to clean my house like a crazy woman, and they all enjoyed themselves a lot. Plus they get their figurine in a week, a momento of the day. Going to U Paint It is really a treat, any time of year.
I put a couple more pictures of the party day on the 365 blog. I wish I had pictures of them crossing the street----in our town we rarely walk anyplace, so it's funny to even walk across the street, and I was kind of nervous with all these girls in my care. We crossed at the safe crosswalk, but they were being so silly and having too much fun. Oh well!

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