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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Change will do you good???

I really don't have time to blog, but I've been composing a post in my head since I woke up at 5. (My body still thinks we're on daylight savings time!)

A Change? Yes, I always believe we need a change. The change I want is a more transparent government (both sides I feel are horrible at saying one thing and doing something else in a closed-door session). I still want to see some compassionate conservatism!

But these changes coming (maybe?) may be at just the right time for me and the family!
  • college tuition? We have J starting college in less than 5 years! Yea!
  • more affordable health care? yahoo!
  • tax break? Well, we're nowhere near that top 5% of the socio-economic ladder, so this can only help me out.

I heard D.L. Hugley talking to Rev. Al Sharpton saying that if we have a Black president, it's time to show the world how all these civil rights battles are coming to a head, and it's time to show the world it was not for nothing.

Now if all these promises can be fulfilled without breaking the country's bank---that will remain to be seen. Time to put up or shut up! But the democrats have these first two years of "total control," don't they, to do everything they want to do.



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