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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Being Nice Matters

I got my very first blog award! :-)

Angela at The Life and Times of Gran awarded me with this "Nice Matters" award. I appreciate this grandma's perspective, and her perspective on teaching children as well. She posted something about fun, inexpensive things to do with her grandkids a while back, and I thought it was just excellent. So that post got me to coming back. Now I get to nominate my own choices, and display the little picture on my sidebar.

Here are my choices for the Nice Matters Award:

Melissa at Enjoying Life
She's a loving auntie and lover of photography.

Rachel at Heart of Rachel
She's a sweet Mommy to a beautiful preschool-aged boy in the Philippines. I just found out I was a couple of days late----she's been nominated just before I got to her myself! ;-)

She's a fellow 365 blogger (a picture a day, ya know) with a beautiful "child" Beau, who always leaves nice comments.

These ladies are consistently nice on their blogs and genuine in their comments. Just a pleasure getting to know them! Hop over to their blogs and see what I mean.



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