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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August is a Season

After a week of thinking about Larry's dad's passing, today it's the anniversary of Larry's mom's death.

She passed away on Aug. 14, 1992. Larry and I had only been married a year; we were only 21 and 22. Her death was very unexpected, and she was only 62. It was really hard on everyone, but I always feel the worst for Larry's sister and her little girl who were in the house when it happened. They lived out in the country, and when she had a heart attack, there was just nothing to do, no ambulance fast enough, nothing. It was a real shock to the family, and I was so new to the family, it was a baptism of fire into their ranks. I learned a lot through that experience, and it was the first death I'd been affected by so dramatically.

So here we are in August, mourning this time, Larry's dad. It seems like this is our season of deaths. I had two great uncles pass away within days of each other in August a couple of years ago. My uncle who passed away around Thanksgiving last year---his birthday is tomorrow. Plus, it's Elvis' death week. (Being a native-born Memphian, I know this is a world-wide event, celebrated by many, even the Japanese.) The sympathy cards keep trickling into our mailbox. Seems like Movies and T.V. shows can't stop mentioning death. It's all around me.

But from my point of view, it's not terrible. My thoughts may change dramatically when it's my own parents I'm talking about. But for now, it's sad, we feel a loss, but it's not terrible. For Larry's dad, he truly is better off. This last month was not pretty. We're standing here with only us at the forefront of our family tree, though.


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